Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our 2009 St. Joseph Altar

I have posted some photos of our family's 2009 St. Joseph Altar. This year we used our upright piano for the base of the altar. The bench is actually the lowest tier. This was a nice size , and not too overwhelming of a space to fill. Isabel made the cross cake and Crown of Thorns. Ida made her traditional giant fish cookie. Maxine helped me with choosing the flowers. Everyone had a hand in setting up and arranging, and Audrey and Crozet lit lots of candles. We had a delicious feast day meal of crawfish etoufee followed by those lovely desserts. Although I hate to do it, I will be taking the Altar down today. Viva San Giuseppe!


JennGM said...

Brilliant Idea! I've been so stumped as to how to make the tiers! I'll have to remember this next year, although my youngest will still be at the grabbing stage. It is so beautiful.

I'd love a bowl of Etoufee. It's been way too long, but I don't trust the crayfish here.

Evann said...

Yes, the piano idea may not work with little ones around. If someone tugged the botome of that cloth, it was all coming down! It was good for us in that it didn't monopolize the dining table or require any major rearranging of furniture.

We can finally get Louisiana crawfish here. For years we could only get the chinese crawfish - yuk! Ww won't buy it!