Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful San Jose

This morning, I was greeted by this beautiful statue of San Jose and the following email:

Sending You a Photo of Our Saint Joseph
Hi Evann,
I visited your blog and I wanted to share with you a photo of our Saint Joseph.

Thanks, Rufi, for giving us a peak at your beautiful St. Joseph.

If anyone else has an unusual statue or image of St. Joseph, please consider sharing it with us!

Today I got some more info on this beautiful statue of St. Joseph. I asked Rufi for a bit of background on the style and source of the statue:

Hi Evann!
I am glad you liked our heirloom San Jose. The exquisitely robed image is from the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines. This image is from the mid-19th century and has gold thread embroidery. It is usually part of a tableau of the Blessed Virgin and the Child Jesus. The image and all the accoutrement including the golden halo the sterling staff with lilies were all crafted in the Philippines around 150 years ago. Although the silk fabrics are new replacements, the original gold metal embroidery was subsequently transferred and hand sewn to the newer fabric. I am attaching the complete tableau of a somewhat formal nativity creche on a mahogany altar with garlands and florettes of bone inlay.

There are still many extant antique images of Saint Joseph in the Philippines. Some are larger and brought out for town procession during his feast day in March and/or May. I may be able to send you an even more beautiful late 18th Century San Giusseppe (San Jose) that is almost life size and the head is made of solid ivory with glass eyes (the head is of course pre-ban ivory as the image is from 200 years ago). I am waiting for a friend to send me a photo. If you liked this tiny image, you will love this bigger processional image.


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