Thursday, February 27, 2014

Chocolate Crown of Thorns

There are many traditional items that are placed on St. Joseph Altars. But, as with any tradition, our own St. Joseph Altar has evolved and gathered life from each member of our family. Certain children have certain cookies or cakes they prepare each year. One item that we always prepare for our home Altar is the chocolate Crown of Thorns.

Simply melt the chocolate of your choice, throw in a handful of pretzel sticks, and mix. Remove the chocolate covered sticks one at a time, before they start to harden, and start building your crown on a piece of wax paper. You’ll end up with a solid and sturdy crown. Warning: this project rates very high in the mess department!

After St. Joseph's Day, we save our crown for placement on top of our Easter cake. Fill it with colorful candy eggs on Easter Sunday and you’ll transform your crown of thorns into a lovely bird’s nest. This project is fun for all ages.


Kathy @ Lynch Outdoors said...

Found you thru the catholic icing linkup - and will definitely be back! What a CUTE idea! I'm absolutely going to make one for my mother, born on St. Joseph's feast day! She will love it! ~ Kathy

Unknown said...

Hi Evann, First I would like to congratulate you for your wonderful blog and website!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with others!
I am writing to ask you permission to use your picture of St Joseph's altar to put it in my blog I share ideas in Spanish to live the faith at home. O would love to share yours!! Thank you. You can email me at God bless!