Saturday, February 20, 2010

Royal lineage from the House of David

As promised, Rufi has sent me another beautiful image of St. Joseph:

This beautiful image is from early 1800's and it is a processional image of a family in central Luzon in the Philippines. This is a depiction of a more youthful Saint Joseph and the family has provided him with a ducal crown to symbolize his royal lineage from the House of David. His staff is made of sterling lilies in gold vermeil and his robes are embroidered in gold metal threads.  There are still many towns in the Philippines that celebrate feast days of saints with images of the town patron saints processed around villages in ornate carriages decorated with tropical flowers and candles. I have provided you with a full image photo so that you won't mistake it for an image of the Christ the King. In the full image photo the image clearly holds his staff that bloomed into lilies as a heavenly sign that he is the chosen spouse to Our Lady (remember the legend of the "blooming dead branch"?). Additionally, its robes are in the usual yellow mantle and green tunic.

May our Saint Joseph watch over you and your family.

 photos by Jay Alcala

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