Friday, March 12, 2010

A spring tradition

St. Joseph’s Altars on display 
by Debbie Glover, St. Tammany News

A unique display of Sicilian and Italian culture is on display this month at the Madisonville Museum, 201 Cedar St. in Madisonville.

South Louisiana Catholics have showed their devotion to St. Joseph for generation through the building of altars laden with edible breads, fruits, pastries and other treats. The tribute was originally built in homes as thanks for a favor granted through the year or in remembrance of a loved one.

While altars are still made in some homes, church parishes and even some businesses, such as Anne Dale in Mandeville, now have altars as part of their Lenten, or spring, tradition.

The altars are not simply built of lavish displays of foods and pastry. They are a symbol of a culture and tradition handed from one generation to another and everything included in an altar has meaning. . . . keep reading

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