Friday, March 12, 2010

Testimonials to St. Joseph

A reader sent in the following testimonial:

Hello there, i came across your blog and i would like to give my testimony to the intercession of Saint Joseph and the works of God. I have posted this on several Catholic sites as well, for thanksgiving and homage. Please help to spread it about and pray for further improvements. Thank you.

About 2 weeks ago, my best friend texted me that her grandmother has been re-hospitalized. This is due to her organs deteoriating and/or the growth in her lungs. She was hospitalized once early last year in 2009 and she got better, thanks to the intercession of Saint Joseph and God's miraculous works too. I said the novena to Saint Joseph to intercede to God and to Jesus to let her grandmother get better. After several days, my best friend told me over the phone that her grandmother is now recovering, which is wonderful and no suprise at all, as I trusted in God and Saint Joseph. However, I'd like to ask for everyone to pray that her grandmother continues to recover and be free from her illness and also for the family to realize the awesome works of God and Christ and to open their hearts to Him and believe in Him. Everything accounted in here really happened. Thank you for taking your time to read through this testimony and to pray for them.

If you have a testimonial, or prayer request report, regarding the intercession of St. Joseph, feel free to share it with us in the comment box below.


Lee said...


I would like to add my own personal testimonial about the intercession of Saint Joseph.

Recently, I was unemployed and had only a small income to live on. In the hope that I would receive the help of heaven, I prayed to Saint Joseph for his intercession. I asked him for new opportunities to earn money and to make my existing opportunities profitable. I thought he was the ideal saint for this task because that was precisely what he did in life - work and earn for his family.

I am very pleased to say that I was offered a job after not much more than a week of prayers to him. Also, I didn't even have to apply for the job - they called me to see if I wanted the position!

I would like to thank God for this great favour and thank Saint Joseph for his intercession. I would definitely recommend devotion to Saint Joseph - his intercession in heaven with God is clearly very powerful and quick.

Evann said...

Thank you, Lee! Congrats & Viva San Giuseppe!

Dave said...

I was searching for a wife for several years and prayed to Our Lady St. Joseph and Saints, especially St. Raphael. I particularly ask St. Joseph to help being the head of the Holy family. I also ask that my wife be somebody devoted to the Blessed Virgin because I want all of us to go to heaven including my Children at the end of our lives. My prayer was answered and I an deeply grateful to St. Joseph, his Spouse and my friends in heaven.

Evann said...

Thanks, Dave for sharing with us! Happy New Year!