Sunday, August 8, 2010

Prayers for Sr. Mary Joseph

Since St. Joseph is her patron, I wanted to post this prayer request: I just got word that Sister Mary Joseph of the Carmelites of the Divine Heart of Jesus will be undergoing surgery next week, followed by chemotherapy. I have worked with Sr. Mary Joseph for many years. She is, to quote the Saint Louis Catholic, “a wonderful, energetic and holy woman of God.” I don’t know any more details, but please keep this incredible sister in your prayers.


Cecilia said...

Please help me pray for my beloved brother Joseph Hung who is a cocaine addict. He has been in drug rehab many times already but he still cannot get out of this drug addiction. Because of his drug addiction, he has committed so many crimes and has been in and out of jail for so many times that I cannot remember all. He has been living a very miserable life. Please pray for him and that I may see him again. Thank you and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

dear st.joseph bless me and richie and mom and grandma and frank. bless our home and health and financial situation., bless my cats. bless my employment and richie and franks jobs too. give us security and protect us and deliver us from all evils and our enemies.deliver richie from drug and alcohol adddictions, heal me of obesity and asthma and diabetes and anxities and fears and phobias. protect me and richie from all legal proglems and housing situation. let us find permanent blessed houisng for us and kitties amen,bless frank and cathy housing situation and cathy health, bless frankie work and my and richie . help us to keep our jobs and not get fired or bumped. give us peace in mind anbd help us not to have nervous breakdowns. deliver us from the devil/satan and all santeria spells and curses. remove d from being my supervisor. let God chose who will be in charge amen,touch my heart and tounge amen,thanks give me and richie peace at home and work and frankie too. bless mom deliver her and richie from smoking. bless grandma s mobility amen.bless us financial ans spirtutally and mentally and physically. remove fears i have of elelvators and subways and cars and buses and tiunnel and bridges / amen