Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are you ready?

Just a little over 2 months till the 2011 March 19 Feast of St. Joseph! What are your plans? Ready to set up your first Altar? What about those of you with experience setting up a St. Joseph Day Altar? I'd love to hear what you all have planned!

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Elizabeth C. said...

Hi Evann,

This year our co-op homeschooling group has each mom hosting (or cohosting) a faith based activity for each month.

I instantly thought of asking for March. Now my sister-in-law and I will be hosting a St. Jospeh's Altar on March 19. I'd like to incorporate as many of the symbolic items as I can. So get everyone involved we are planning on asking each family to add something to the altar. Each family is going to get a link for the paper altar from your site too...getting the kids involved is so important.

Hopefully it will be a beautiful tribute.

Evann said...

Sounds wonderful, Elizabeth. I hope you will take lots of photos and send me some for posting here on the blog. And, I'm glad to see those little paper altars getting around :)