Saturday, March 19, 2011

2nd Annual St. Joseph Altar Blog Fest

March is the Month of St. Joseph and the ultimate way to give him honor is with your very own St. Joseph Altar. Sounds intimidating, but it doens't have to be. There are certain guidelines that will help you get started, but remember, it's your Altar and it should reflect you and your family. Our first home Altar was very simple: a cake, some cookies, and coloring pages by the kids! It's a family affair, so be sure to get everyone involved.

A bit of history will help you begin your planning, and here are some altar photos for inspiration. I'm giving you all an entire month to plan your Altars!

For some real inspiration, be sure to check out the 1st Annual St. Joseph Altar blog fest!

To be included, simply make a blog post about your Altar. Be sure to include details and pics, and then link it here. Linking will begin on the March 19 Feast of St. Joseph and continue till the end of the month. Simple or extravagant, we want to see it! So come back on March 19 to link your Altar post. In the meantime, head to the Virtual St. Joseph Altar for all the info you need to get started planning your Altar.

Grab the button above for your blog, link it back to this post, and spread the word!

Here is our 2011 St. Joseph Altar:


Thanks to all who participated!
See you next year!!


Unknown said...

Thank you!

Already planning :)

Gardenia said...

wonderful. looking forward to it. I just grabbed your button.

Grace said...

Thank you for the opportunity to join in with the virtual St. Joseph altar again this year! Our kids were so excited to put together our altar. What a beautiful new tradition for our family! Again, thank you!

asliceofsmithlife said...

Thank you for the link up! I found it through Lacy's blog at Catholic Icing! I just linked up under " A Slice of Smith Life" where I posted about our St. Joseph's celebration yesterday with our homeschool families. The host of the celebration yesterday is related to the couple who started the altars in Louisiana. You can read my post for more information! Thanks and God bless!

Mrs. W said...

I am having so much fun putting together altars these past two years...thank you for letting us all share and gain new ideas!

Evann said...

I just made the rounds of the Altars linked up so far. Absolutely beautiful and each one a unique work of art. I just know St. Joseph is pleased. Thank you all for joining and spreading this lovely devotion to St. Joseph.

Gardenia said...

Evann, your altar is gorgeous, beautiful. It is a fine tribute to St. Joseph.

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

Our altar was incorporated into a baby shower for my SIL and her little boy on the way.

Unknown said...

Hello! Ave Maria!

May I use one of your blog pictures in a post that I'm writing about the St. Joseph Altar? I have never heard about that tradition before, so I would like to show it to my readers and incentivate them to make one in their houses too.

Thank you so much!
In Christ,

Evann said...

Certainly, Melissa!

Unknown said...

Thank you!!