Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Patron of many

St. Joseph is the patron saint of a wide variety of things & people:

  • against doubt and hesitation
  • bursars
  • cabinetmakers
  • carpenters
  • confectioners
  • craftsmen
  • dying people
  • emigrants
  • engineers
  • expectant mothers
  • families
  • fathers
  • happy death
  • holy death
  • house hunters
  • immigrants
  • interior souls
  • laborers
  • married people
  • people who fight Communism
  • pioneers
  • pregnant women
  • protection of the Church
  • social justice
  • travelers
  • unborn children
  • Universal Church
  • wheelwrights
  • workers
  • working people

He is also the patron of many places:

Americas; Austria; diocese of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Belgium; diocese of Biloxi, Mississippi; Bohemia; diocese of Buffalo, New York; Canada; Carinthia; diocese of Cheyenne, Wyoming; China; Croatian people (in 1687 by decree of the Croatian parliament) ; Florence, Italy; Korea; diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin; archdiocese of Louisville, Kentucky; diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire; Mexico; diocese of Nashville, Tennessee; New France; New World; Peru; diocese of San Jose, California; Sicily; diocese of Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Styria, Austria; Turin Italy; Tyrol, Austria; Vatican II; Viet Nam; diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia; and on December 8, 1870, Pope Pius IX proclaimed him the patron of the Universal Church

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