Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mini altars and feast day celebrations

I got this lovely email today:
Dear Evann,
Thank you for this wonderful site!  I have been trying to celebrate Saint Feast Days more often in our home. We hosted a St. Joseph’s and St. Patrick’s day celebration today. We had fun preparing our own home altar and had our two younger children make their own.  My daughter, J, made the one on the bottom - - I asked her why she put St. Joseph on the bottom rather than the top where he should be, and she told me that St. Joseph was humble and wouldn’t want to be on top - - go figure!  We also used your recipe to make Spada dough - - though we had to adjust it as my mixer will not handle five pounds of flour.  I also used one of your coloring pages to cut out a plaque for my St. Joseph.  I don’t have a large St. Joseph, so I traced it onto MDF and cut it out with a jigsaw and painted it.  Now I have a St. Joseph for our home altar as well as our future St. Joseph’s Altars.  Thanks, again!!!  We really had a good time with our friends.
In Christ,

Thanks, JF, for sharing your mini altars! Visit Homespun Love, JF's home on the web, for more feast day planning and Altar pics.

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