Friday, June 1, 2012

Saint Joseph, a teacher of the interior life

Opus Dei Daily Message:

Saint Joseph, father of Christ, is also your father and your lord. Ask him to help you. (The Way, 559) 
June 1, 2000 
Saint Joseph, our father and lord, is a teacher of the interior life. Place yourself under his patronage and you'll feel the effectiveness of his power. (The Way, 560) 
Speaking of Saint Joseph in the book of her life, Saint Teresa says: 'Whoever fails to find a Master to teach him how to pray, should choose this glorious Saint, and he will not go astray.'--This advice comes from an experienced soul. Follow it. (The Way, 561) 
Saint Joseph. One cannot love Jesus and Mary without loving the Holy Patriarch. (The Forge, 551)
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