Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Viva San Giuseppe! Viva Pope Francis!

The penitential nature of Lent makes finding inspirational family activities somewhat difficult. One bright spot in our Lenten journey is the Feast of St. Joseph. In the tradition of the St. Joseph Altars of New Orleans, we prepare our own small Altar in our dining room in honor of St. Joseph for his feast day each year.

The Altar is a medium of petition and thanksgiving. 

As with any tradition, our St. Joseph Altar has evolved and gathered life from each member of our family and each year is a bit different. Back in 1999, I began the Virtual St. Joseph Altar. A few adaptations have been made, but the Virtual Altar still offers many of the basics, not to mention a clean kitchen.

This Feast Day was an extra special day as Pope Francis was installed today. Pope Francis presented St. Joseph as a role model for us all. Read the entire homily of today's Petrine Mass.

St. Joseph is our good friend. He has answered our prayers many times and I am confident that he will continue to do so. Viva San Giuseppe!


Al said...



Viva Papa Francesco! for calling us to make San Giuseppe as our role model. May this homily be a start of an increased devotion to San Giuseppe!

Evann said...

Yes, indeed!