Monday, January 30, 2017

Prayer Requests 2017

This is a place for general prayer requests.

Simply submit your prayer request in the comment box below. For prayers for deceased loved ones, please visit Prayers for the Dead 2017.

Holy St. Joseph, Spouse of Mary,

be mindful of me, pray for me, watch over me.

Guardian of the paradise of the new Adam,

provide for my temporal wants.

Faithful guardian of the most precious of all treasures,

I beseech thee to bring this matter to a happy end,

if it be for the glory of God,
and the good of my soul.



Unknown said...

St. Joseph please pray for my husband's health. He's a good man and we need him with us for a long time. Please pray that he is healed. Pray for the others in my life who are sick. Also pray for my loved ones especially the "JOES" Johanna, Joseph J, Joseph C, C R Joseph, Joe Z,

Anonymous said...

St Joseph please bring a miracle paul

Rosemary said...

Saint Joseph, I pray for my neighbors Sue and Ward and for our co op building that the right buyer for 4S may be directed here soon. Thank you, R.R.

Anonymous said...

Please St. Joseph pray for me. I am struggling to get my life together and hope I am going in the right direction. I ask for your guidance and the courage to keep trying. Amen

Anonymous said...

Dear Saint Joseph:

Please remember my intentions during my Holy Cloak Novena

Anonymous said...

For healing my marriage and my family.

Jose Maria said...

Pkease pray for me and my family, St Joseph

Anonymous said...

St. Joseph, please pray that I find employment soon.

The Mannino Family said...

For my sister Christy -- Her improving health, strengthening faith, and blessings on her family.

S. Morris said...

Blessed St Joseph, foster-father of our Saviour, and most chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin, I ask your prayers for success in my Seminary studies, in the granting of my postulancy, and ultimately in my ordination to the Sacred Priesthood, so that I may more fully serve our Blessed Lord and His Church.

José Ignacio Puyol Besa said...

Dear Saint Joseph,

Please pray for that special request that I have been asking for for quite some time so that it may come to pass soon. Thank you Saint Joseph and all those that intercede for this intention.

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Joseph,

Please help forbid the sale of the land inherited by my husband which I am praying be reserved for our children, who in turn plans to develop for more profitable and productive use. It is on this same land where our children and I intend to build our house of which I have been asking for your help too.

For the greater glory of our Lord I pray. Please help me and my children. Amen

Shannon C said...

Forbmy husband's conversion!

Liza B said...

1)Future spouse, a man after the heart of God
2) Career, and a job
3) Financial aid so I can start over with my Nursing career and work abroad
4)A fertile reproductive system so I can still have a baby when I get married
5) Our own house, we are still renting up to now
6)for me to be able to take my Masters in Religious Studies , but I can't afford it
7)for my own personal conversion, and good health
8)for the poor souls in purgatory
9) For my dad's job, and salary and commissions
10)Lead us to a place where we will reside for good, safe, and near establishments, good water supply
11) have own business
12)financial aid so I can buy supplies when I teach catechism like sound system, projector etc

D said...

Please pray for my brother's addiction & my cousin's alcoholism.
Please pray for my beautiful daughter in ALL of her needs, that God blesses her ever instant of her life and that she be the amazing woman God intends for her to be and to return to the church and I pray for whomever God has deemed to be the man for her. I pray you bless her financially.
Please pray for my little Godson in all of his needs every instant of his life. I pray he turns out to be a most incredible man in the sight of God and that he NEVER leave the church, but only grow to love it and The Lord more and more every day, and His Blessed Mother. I pray he is never scared by anything he endures today. I pray you bless him financially.
Please pray for my parents. Comfort them in their old/older age and grace them with a peaceful and holy death... but NOT YET! I pray God showers them with blessings for taking in and taking care of such a family! I pray you bless them financially.
Please bless me and my job situation, PLEASE send me the man God has for me... I walk this earth along... surrounded by people, yet alone, and while I am grateful for not being with the wrong man (God knows it is better to be alone), I still long for the idea of "him". Please ask God to bless me with financial freedom!
Please ask God to bless all of my extended family and friends in all they are going through in their lives!
Please bless all priests especially Fr. Joe, Fr. Ivan, Fr. Ivica, Fr. Stipe, Fr. Mike, Fr. Lou, Fr. Sudac, Fr. Rookey (RIP!), Fr. Hampsch, & All religious.
Please bless anyone who is alone or lonely, suffering, those that have no one to pray for them, anyone who are in hospitals, sick and ALL the babies!!!! Let God the Father, Jesus, The Holy Spirit & Our Blessed Mother all embrace them and let them know They are always with them!

Anonymous said...

Dear St Joseph, please keep my children and grandchildren safe, and please give Anthony the strength to stay in recovery.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for me and my family, St. Joseph, especially my father and my husband.

Anonymous said...

Emmy Lou

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Joseph, I ask you to hear my prayers and the prayers of our children for a home where they can play outside safely and where hospitality can grow.

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Joseph,

I go to you for help with the problem of traffic in front of our house. I ask you for a home where my kids can play outside safely and where the virtue of hospitality can grow.

Anonymous said...

Dear St Joseph I come and pray to you during these nine days of prayer before your feast day for these requests:I commend to you our family keep us all at peace and safe ,please intercede for us to thy son jesus for our temporal and difficulties and give us divine providence to solve these problems.St Joseph I also ask your help with the much needed repairs of our house specially the room of Tracy so she can move in with her son Jameson.St Joseph please help me with my job searc to help our family.

Anonymous said...

For the conversion of my friend and for a full reconciliation between us and for this to happen SOON!

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Joseph,

I pray that you help me overcome by weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

Please pray for me that I have more patience and love in my heart.

Lynn Freeman said...

St Joseph please pray to help my husband get through his med problems & that he have the strength to emotionally get through them as well. Also, please pray for my parents, my father-in-law & any other family & friends that may need your intercession including myself to help me to cope & please continue to watch over us all!

Anonymous said...

St. Joseph - I come to you and pray to bring Joseph and I together in a union of unconditional love, abundance, spirituality, service, and light.

RR said...

Dear Saint Joseph, I pray for abundance to shine down on my apartment building and in particular the loft S/W have for sale here, 4S. May the right buyer come soon and purchase the apartment. May we be blessed with a good neighbor. Pls help them and my building through this challenge. Thank you!

Susana said...

St. Joseph please cure Bella and restore her to perfect health - especially her heart. Please heal and protect all my animals - help Bac to walk easily and Poker to always breathe well. Help my mom to get better. Help cure me and restore me to perfect health. Please help us with all our home repairs. Help us financially and help me as I launch my line/brand that it is a big success so that I may provide for all of us. Thank you with love and gratitude.

Leslie L. said...

Dear St. Joseph, I pray for health and healing get for many elderly parents; for comfort for many who recently lost beloved pets; for wisdom for those who are job-searching, for our country and world in this difficult, divisive time. Thank you!

Josemaria Paulo Jeromino Martin Carvalho-Von Verster said...

My Dear Patron who is Our Father and Lord.

1. For My Mother so she will assist me in properly coordinating My Schedule in Participating in all of the Liturgical Celebrations of the Forthcoming Holy Week.

2. That I may Continue My Monthly Practice in Attending One Sung Latin Mass.

3. That I May participate more Fully in the Life of My New Parish for the New Evangelization of Our Holy Mother Church(e.g Legion of Mary).

4. That I may I have the Virtues of Patience,Hope,Longamanit,Joy,Wisdom and Fortitude.

5. For My Older Sister to Continue and Complete her Psychological Rehabilitation at a Residential Facility.

6. For My Nation to reject the Death Penalty and Abrogate the Sex Education and Birth Control Law.

7. For our Holy Mother Church to restore it's Time tested Teachings on Family and Life.

Irene said...

Dear St. Joseph, please grand me an answer to my petition under your holy cloak. I am so depressed and I trust in you so much. I feel my life is worthless at this present time. I find it hard to be positive please forgive me . My family is suffering so much , I just want to be able to care for them. I promise in return to honour you in some way all the days of my life and spread your name always. Jesus, Mary and good St. Joseph I place all my trust in you irene

Unknown said...

St Joseph please intercede for my mother who has been diagnosed with advanced lymphoma. That she respond to chemotherapy, fully recover, and spend a long time here with us watching her grandchildren grow and help teach them about the faith. Amen

Dave said...

St. Joesph, please pray for my Families financial distress to be healed. Amen.